Muster is a lifestyle store, where you can find everything you need from wallpapers to little nifty things to decorate your home. It’s the perfect place for people who admire romantic style and also the simplicity of scandinavian style. Muster was established in 1996 and they thought it would be a good jubilee present to have a new and more contemporary brand design. What a perfect gift! My goal was to design a unified, elegant, sparkly and sufficiently luxurious visual identity. It had to fit together with sparkly chandeliers, floral textiles but also with modern sofa. The outcome is meandering and feminine logo decorated with small leaves. Last one is main element thorough the whole design.

I did

  • Logo design
  • Patterns
  • Graphic elements
  • Tag and sticker design
  • Business card design
  • Letterhead
  • Facebook page design etc